What is frame loom weaving?

Frame-loom weaving is a style of weaving that is fast to set up, easy to use and portable (making it great for travel!) The actual loom resembles a frame with notches along the top and bottom. It is most often used to make tapestry-style weavings, ie - decorative art pieces that will hang on the wall as art when completed - but these looms can also be used for making small pieces that could be used as jewellery, placemats, coasters, a bit of fabric to use as a panel on a cushion, bag, piece of clothing... whatever! The looms we use in workshops are 10x15" and are made locally by an experienced woodworker.


I know nothing about weaving. Can I take this class?

Absolutely! Weaving 101 is designed for total beginners - no previous experience with any type of fibre-related craft or art medium is required. By the time you leave the workshop you'll have a brand-new skill set under your belt and you'll want to go home and weave all night.


I've already taken Weaving 101. When am I ready for Weaving 201?

The only prerequisites for Weaving 201 are: experience with setting up and taking your weaving off the loom, plain weave, and finishing your ends. If you feel comfortable with these techniques and are ready to learn more about different tools, creating texture, shapes and using colour and design in your weaving practice, this might be the class for you! 

Weaving 201 is only held twice a year as a group workshop, however it makes for a really nice private class as we can review specific things you have questions about.


I haven't taken a class with you but I already know a bit about weaving... what class should I take?

If you have taken a tapestry / frame loom weaving class with someone else previously, please get in touch so we can discuss what you are interested in learning. Often students with recent knowledge will take 201 or a private custom class. Those who learned to weave 5+ years ago but are looking to take it up again will often take 101. Are you familiar with other types of weaving but not tapestry? Most people in this camp decide to take Weaving 101.


Please get in touch. Depending on the type of loom I may or may not be able to alter a group class to it's specifications or accommodate it's size. If it will work for the class I can offer you a discount, if it can't work out I'm happy to discuss a private workshop.

I already have my own loom.


Well, yay! Please get in touch if you would like to host a workshop. I'm always open to new venues or teaching a class privately in your own home or business. (ie: for groups of friends, colleagues, holiday events, baby showers and more!)

I would like to host a workshop at my business / home!


Yes, I can and do teach classes for kids, however unless explicitly written in the class description, workshops are for adults only. If you are interested in taking a class with your child, or hosting a class for kids or teachers please get in touch

Do you teach weaving to kids?


All group classes are non-refundable, non-transferrable to another date. If you can't make your class you are welcome to have a friend come in your place. Private classes are non-refundable but are transferrable with 24hrs notice. If I have to cancel a class I will refund your payment within 1 week.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?


Let's talk! I'm open to all of those things. Please note that I do not recreate other weaver's work nor do I duplicate my past weavings. I'm happy to make you something unique and special, though :)

I'm interested in commissioning / collaborating on / purchasing a weaving.